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Here Are the Cabrini University Seniors who created this Capstone project

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Miah Allen

Shamiah Allen will graduate in May 2021 from Cabrini University with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication & Social Media. Miah has held various roles at the university, including interning as a Social Media Manager for the Religious Studies Department. She is a member of The Society for Collegiate Journalists, an honor bestowed on Communication Department students who demonstrate the highest academic achievement and leadership abilities in the major. She has been awarded the Wolfington Center President’s Volunteer Service Award for encouraging a sustained commitment to civic participation and inspiring others to make service a central part of their lives. Miah earned a spot on Dean’s List three times while studying at Cabrini and received several scholarships as a reward for her academic excellence. She was selected to represent the university at the Ignatian Solidarity Network conference, held in D.C., and has worked as a Communications Director for March For Our Lives, which is a student-led demonstration in support of legislation to end gun violence. For this website, Miah reported on why sentencing juveniles to serve time for non-violent crimes isn’t beneficial. Miah had several friends serve time as juveniles for non-violent crimes and realized those friends could have avoided serving time had there been resources available to them to seek the help they needed. This sparked her interest in the reporting on juveniles serving sentences. To find out more about Miah, please visit her on LinkedIn.


Jason Archer

Jason Archer will graduate in May 2021 from Cabrini University with a major in Digital Communication. At Cabrini, Jason learned how to expand a businesses potential through social media marketing campaigns and by creating content for their social media. Jason has been involved with sports from a very young age and has found his passion for sports can be utilized in the workforce. Outside of the classroom Jason has had the opportunity to work for some amazing companies. Jason had his first internship at Today's business, a small social media company in Montville, New Jersey where he helped create social media posts for pro athletes along with organizing photo shoots. Jason learned about life outside of sports for these athletes and how they make a living when their careers come to an end. Jason also had the opportunity to intern for Nectar Service Corp, a small software security company in Jericoh, NY, where he guided the launch of Digital Marketing Campaign, through Glenmont Consulting (digital marketing company in Montclair, NJ), He also took part in the sales/partner enablement initiatives, which are part of a major investment in Nectar’s “Go to Market” plans. In the summer of 2020 Jason worked for WaV Sports and Entertainment, based out of Cornelius, NC, where he had the opportunity to work with employees that are preparing for the NFL’s new facility/attraction in Canton, OH, known as the Hall of Fame Village. Jason provided roster details for all 32 NFL teams along with learning the ins and outs of the sports industry. Jason learned how to adapt to certain situations that change marketing plans, especially one as big as the coronavirus pandemic. Reach out to Jason on LinkedIn and view his experiences on his WordPress page. 


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Rodrigo Campos-Sanchez

Rodrigo Campos-Sánchez, graduated with his associate’s degree in Communications from Delaware County Community College in 2019. After graduating, he transferred to Cabrini University. Rodrigo will graduate in December 2021 from Cabrini University with a major in Digital Communication and Social Media. Rodrigo’s graduation will mark a milestone in his family as being the first to graduate from college. Outside the classroom, Rodrigo has worked with immigrant children, helping them learn English and how to understand the U.S. educational system. He volunteers with several advocacy organizations for immigrants, also. In his sophomore year Cabrini, Rodrigo received the Cabrinian Educational Endowment Scholarship. In the 2020/2021 academic year, he received the prestigious IME Becas Scholarship from the Mexican Consulate. Rodrigo prides himself in being fluent in Spanish and English. He is also conversant in French and Portugese. He loves learning languages, and plans to learn many more. 

Rodrigo is skilled at using the following Adobe Creative Suite programs: Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Audition. Throughout the project for this website, he used his skills in these Adobe programs to produce the story of the election/appointment process for sheriffs, district attorneys and judges. Rodrigo feels passionate about this project as it has allowed him to better understand various aspects of the judicial system and the injustices that exist within it today. To find out more about Rodrigo, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Melissa Casey

Melissa Casey is a senior at Cabrini University and will be graduating in May 2021 with a B.A. in Communication. During her time at Cabrini, she was a staff writer for the student-run school newspaper, The Loquitur. Being a part of The Loquitur helped Melissa increase her writing skill set along with networking with sources. Her courses helped her gain skills with storytelling, video production and editing. During the spring of her junior year in 2020, she held an internship with Brooke Voris Weddings. Having prior experience with the event planning industry, she learned the before-the-wedding-day process that needs to be completed before the bridal couple says, “I do.” On this website, Melissa focused on the abuse and trauma teens go through before, during and after they are incarcerated in the juvenile justice system. She believes it is important to understand that not just adults go through the mental, sexual and physical abuse and trauma from the criminal justice system. For more information on Melissa, visit her LinkedIn and WordPress profiles.


Nicholas Conroy

My name is Nicholas Conroy.  I am a senior Digital Communications and Social Media major at Cabrini University graduating in May of 2021.  At Cabrini University, I was involved with multiple extracurricular activities like an ambassador with the Undergraduate Admissions Office, founder and president of the Club Water Polo team, and a member and captain of the Cabrini swim team for all four years of my college career.  I was able to achieve the Dean's list for two semesters maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.  I have had the opportunities to grow and develop my skills in adobe software like premier, photoshop, and audition.  I also had the opportunity to develop my communication, leadership, and time-management skills by working with Next Level Video as an event operations intern.



Kathryn Davis

Kathryn Davis will graduate from Cabrini University in May 2021 with a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media. At Cabrini, Kathryn served as a staff writer and visual journalism creator for the university’s award-winning student newspaper, The Loquitur. She was a radio host for 89.1 WYBF-FM Cavalier Radio, Cabrini’s student-run radio station, for two and a half years. After becoming a host and having her own radio show, Kathryn became the Social Media Manager at Cavalier Radio. Kathryn's plans for after graduation include working in the film, theater, music or radio industry. She was part of Cabrini’s Theater program for three years as a Soundtech. Before college, she had been a Soundtech since sixth grade doing over 13 musicals and 2 plays, making that a total of 15 shows. Her dream job is to be a Soundtech on tour with an artist. While balancing work and her education, Kathryn earned Dean's List honors at Cabrini University. Dedication and passion for digital media paid off her senior year when she created a multimedia story package for this website focused on police power and training. What drew her to this subject matter was the recent events of the Black Lives Matter Movement. In her story package Kathryn focused on the everyday lives of the black community and people of color, as well as the tragedies that this community faces on an everyday basis when dealing with police. For more information on Kathryn and her work, visit her LinkedIn profile. 


Sierra Dotson

Sierra Dotson will graduate in May of 2021 with a bachelor’s in Digital Communications and Multimedia. During her time at Cabrini University, she was an honors student, the News Editor for Loquitur Media, a student ambassador for Undergraduate Admissions, and a classroom coach for production students. Though she is well-versed in several forms of media, her main specialization is videography and editing. On this website, Sierra’s main focus was on juvenile justice and the disproportionate criminalization of LGBTQ+ youth. Being a lifelong activist for social justice issues such as LBGTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and racial equality made her feel especially drawn to this topic. To learn more about Sierra, visit her Linkedin profile and portfolio.


John Fennell

  • Board President Montco Bail Fund
  • Member Norristown Police Chief Advisory Board
  • Director of Community Engagement State Senator Daylin Leach
  • Chief of Staff State Representative Napoleon Nelson

John Fennell will graduate Cabini University in December of 2020 with a degree in Communications. John came to Cabrini late in life and brought with him a wealth of experience in the political world, both on the campaign side and most recently in the state legislature. It was through his love of politics that he learned the value of advocating for policy changes and the power of an individual’s voice. 

Criminal Justice reform has been both a personal and professional passion for John for over 10 years. For the past three years, his work as the Director of Community Engagement for Senator Daylin Leach has given him valuable insight and access to police departments throughout the 17th State Senate District. It was because of these relationships John wanted to focus his project on local police departments and the work they are doing in their communities in the wake of recent events.

John’s next adventure will see him leave the PA State Senate and move over to the State House where he will continue to advocate for criminal justice reform as the Chief of Staff for newly elected State Representative Napoleon Nelson in the PA 154th.



Mo Fischer

My name is Morgan “Mo” Fischer and I’m a Communication Major. I am a senior at Cabrini University and am expected to graduate Spring 2021. Currently, I work as a Production Assistant for Burke Productions in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. In this position, I mic the talent, help write the script, work the teleprompter, ask questions to the interviewee, set up the camera, edit the video, and much more. Additionally, I am a social media manager for a boutique, assisting in both the content and sales when social media users wish to purchase the merchandise.

Genao Headshot

Brian Genao

Brian Genao will graduate in May 2021 from Cabrini University with a major in Communications and English Minor. At Cabrini, Brian served as a student reporter in Cabrini’s newspaper, The Loquitur, for two semesters. He strived to help create stories and share them with the world. Brian was awarded several academic achievements throughout his time at Cabrini. He was awarded for high academic standing for 3 semesters in a row and was later awarded the Zazyczny Scholarship. Which is a scholarship for those who are studying within the field of Communications and English who have demonstrated leadership on or off campus. Brian has dedicated his skills to video editing, audio production and other forms of media story creation.


Christopher Giacobbe

Chris Giacobbe will graduate Cabrini University in May 2021 with both a degree in communications and English with a concentration in film and media studies. While there he participated in many different clubs and activities; among them the school newspaper and magazine. During his time with the newspaper he served as a reporter and staff writer for The Loquitur his sophomore year. He has written several stories and articles as well as several creative pieces for the University’s magazine The Woodcrest. His contributions to was to help explain community policing opposed to traditional policing. His goal was to teach the public about the benefits of community policing in today’s modern climate. Once graduated Chris aims to use his skills of shooting, editing, and directing to find himself a job in the world of film.


Ja-Lisa Glover

Ja-Lisa Glover will graduate in May 2021 from Cabrini University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication. Ja-Lisa secured several internship opportunities while at Cabrini. In her junior year, Ja-Lisa worked for the Student Engagement and Leadership office on campus as their Commuter Engagement Intern. Here she built her event management and social media skills. She then grew her social media skills through a second internship experience off-campus, until she ultimately began interning for WILDE, Inc., which stands for Women in Leadership Development and Empowerment. Ja-Lisa’s internship at WILDE allowed her to combine her passion for social justice with her skills in social media. For this website, Ja-Lisa examined religious freedom in the criminal justice system. This issue is important to her because of having friends and family members in this community that could or may have been affected by these actions and such. Therefore, this was a way to speak up and support where needed. Ja-Lisa is an advocate for social justice and is focused on feminist movement and the Black Lives Matter movement, among others.. She was the auxiliary assistant in the student ran Muslium Student Association. Her experience as part of this association helped her to understand the discrimination the criminal justice system has shown to inmates who follow many types of religious traditions. Learn more about Ja-Lisa by connecting with  her on Linkedin and check out her WordPress site for more.


David Hare

David Hare is a senior at Cabrini University and will graduate with a BA in Communication with a double minor in Leadership Studies and Business Management. Through his experiences at Cabrini, Dave has spent time as a staff writer and assistant editor for the school newspaper, The Loquitur.  This provided hands-on experience in the field of journalism by having to interview various sources and produce stories that were informative to the campus.  Dave has also acquired media production and editing skills by taking video production and multimedia story creation. Through these classes, he worked with a team to construct different live action videos that were shown to an outside audience. Dave is currently a student ambassador in the Admissions office at Cabrini.  In this role, he exercises his public relations skills by orchestrating campus tours and calling potential incoming students for information on university initiatives.  In addition to admissions, Dave has also worked, since his freshman year in the Enrollment management office where he sends mail to students about touring and applying.  Dave was awarded Dean’s List during his sophomore year and is a part of three honors societies, including the Society for Collegiate Journalists. The topic that Dave discusses on this website is centered around implicit biases and over-policing in low income communities and how over policing can have a negative effect on youth development and education. This website recognizes the historical implications that police have had on racial issues and how young African American’s have become targets for police in lower income communities.  For more information on Dave, you can visit his LinkedIn or WordPress site for subsequent information.

Hart Headshot

Melanie Hart

Melanie Hart will graduate in May 2021 from Cabrini University with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communications and Social Media. At Cabrini, Melanie was a staff writer for the award-winning student newspaper, The Loquitur. She also hosted her own radio show for 89.1 WYBF-FM Cavalier Radio, Cabrini’s on-air and streaming radio station. Melanie was also an Ambassador for the university’s  Undergraduate Admissions office. She led potential high school students on tours to inform them about the campus and all that Cabrini has to offer them. While balancing her education, activities, and her on-campus jobs, one of Melanie’s greatest accomplishments was earning Dean’s List honors while navigating online schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic. On this website, Melanie focused on mental health and medication in the criminal justice system. She was drawn to this topic because she is close to someone who got the help she needed before slipping into the system. To learn more about Melanie, visit her LinkedIn profile. 

Kodrich Headshot

Amy Kodrich

Amy Kodrich was a Project Leader for Rethink Criminal Justice. She worked in the Mental Health and Juvenile Justice section and provided feedback on students content. She is graduating from Cabrini University in May 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communication and Social Media. At Cabrini, Amy has held various leadership positions. She served as the Writing Managing Editor for Cabrini’s student-run news organization, The Loquitur, and is currently serving as the President for the Society for Collegiate Journalists. Amy is also a Student Ambassador at Cabrini’s Office of Admissions and also serves as their social media intern in charge of creating content for their social media platforms. Amy also worked at the Center for Student Success as a Writing Tutor and Classroom Coach. Outside the classroom, Amy utilized her skills she learned in the classroom at various internships. Amy was the social media manager at YouInkIt, a custom apparel company located in Camden, NJ. Amy writes blogs, creates social media content and even filmed and edited a short ad that was promoted on CNBC. She plans to pursue a career in digital media management and social media marketing. On this website, Amy focused on mental health programs and the treatment of individuals incarcerated with a mental illness, focusing specifically on reform, awareness and education of mental illness in prison. Reach out to Amy on LinkedIn and view her experiences on her WordPress portfolio.


America Lopez-Santiago

America Lopez-Santiago will be graduating from Cabrini University in May 2021. She will be graduating with a bachelors in Digital Communications and Social Media with a minor in Business Management. During her time at Cabrini, America has been a part of the Loquitur, the student-run newspaper. She first started as an assistant editor during her junior year and has become the head news editor during her senior year. America has also been a volunteer for the Center of Immigration at Cabrini. She is devoted to spreading awareness and advocating for equality. America has also been awarded scholarships throughout her time at Cabrini from outside donors and Cabrini. On the website, America focused on the closure of mental hospitals. She chose this topic because she believes that mental illness is a major issue within the criminal justice system and that it’s important to create an open dialogue surrounding mental health.


Evan Lynn

Evan Lynn will graduate in May of 2021 from Cabrini University with a bachelor's degree in Communication. At Cabrini, Evan was a staff writer for the award-winning, student-run newspaper, the Loquitur. In this role, he wrote for various sections, including Lifestyles, News, Sports, and Perspectives. He also produced a multimedia journalism story. Evan attended a two-year college and earned Dean’s List honors before enrolling in Cabrini. He has always had a passion for the field of communications. For this website, Evan’s topic focus is Police Training and Power. He became interested in this topic after exploring how one police department redesigned their system. He then began to ask himself: What are other department’s community policing strategies? After graduation, Evan would like to work in sports media or public relations. Find out more about Evan by visiting him on LinkedIn

NICKS-PC - DJ Profile Picture

Nick Marcellino

Nicholas Marcelino will graduate from Cabrini University in May 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Social Media. Nicholas is currently the General Operations Manager of 89.1 WYBF-FM Cavalier Radio, Cabrini’s FM radio station. He has shown leadership and dedication in this role by training and recruiting newcomers into the station. Nicholas has been on the Dean’s List at Cabrini each semester since his freshman year. He has been admitted into two national honor societies, Alpha Lambda Delta and Delta Alpha Pi while at Cabrini. Nicholas is an outgoing, quick learner with strong communication and time management skills. For this website, his story is focused on police power and training. Specifically, he told the story about how police officers can de-escalate situations without using brutal force. He was drawn to tell this story because of its solution focus. The reason why his story is this way is because there is a solution. After graduation Nicholas wants to pursue his passion with radio and become an on-air radio host. Get in touch with Nicholas via LinkedIn.

Karena McDanel

Karena McDanel

Karena McDanel will be graduating from Cabrini University in May of 2021 majoring in Digital Communication. At Cabrini, Karena was a staff writer for the student newspaper, The loquitur, as well as a peer note taker. Karena recently found a passion for Photography after taking an Event Photography course at Cabrini. She is now taking family portraits, maternity, engagement pictures and assisted in two weddings. She is creative, and has great interpersonal communication skills. On this website, Karena focused on Social Workers Partnering with Police officers. She thought this was a great topic to work on because of its relevance in today's society. After Karena graduates she wants to work for a photography company and work her way up to being a professional photographer. Reach out to Karena on Linkedin


Alexandra Monteiro

Alexandra Monteiro was one of the Project Leaders for Rethink Criminal Justice. She researched and worked in the Stereotyping section of the website. She is a senior Digital Communications major with a minor in Business Management at Cabrini University. She has been in the honors program since her freshman year of college and is now the Vice President of the Society for Collegiate Journalists. During her sophomore year, she pursued a position as a staff writer for Loquitur Media and was able to hold the Perspectives Editor position during her Junior year. During her senior year, she has taken the role of a freelance videographer for nonprofits such as Rock to the Future of Philadelphia as well as Habitat for Humanity of Chester County. She hopes to work for nonprofits working to make a difference and defend social justice.


Tyler O'Connor

J. Tyler O’Connor is a Digital Communication and Social Media major with a minor in Music who is expecting to graduate from Cabrini University with a bachelor’s degree in May 2021. Tyler has been shooting and editing photographs of athletic events at the university, as well as shooting video and creating graphics. He has performed this work for the Cabrini University Athletics Department. Tyler also worked as a graphic design and video editing intern with the New York Lizards Lacrosse organization during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Through this internship opportunity, Tyler continued to improve his skills in the Adobe software suite, specifically with Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, and Media Encoder. On this website, Tyler focused on reallocating police department funding. Reach out to Tyler on LinkedIn and see his past work on his website.


Troi Patrick

Troi Patrick is a senior Communication major at Cabrini University with minors in Black Studies and Psychology. In her junior year she was a Sports Editor for the university’s award-winning newspaper, The Loquitur. In her sophomore year, Troi became the recipient of the Felicia Falcone Memorial Scholarship for Communication students who exhibit the same great merit and excellence Felicia Falcone did. Troi is currently an intern at USLI with the Devon Park Specialty team. Her focus for her story for this website is the lack of POC in the criminal justice system. She chose this topic after finding out that over 70 percent of lawyers in the United States were white, mostly male. After doing more research, she realized the importance of POC in positions of power. She found two passionate and credible sources to tell this compelling story. After graduation, Troi plans to use her skills in multimedia and journalism to pursue a career in public relations. To learn more about Troi, visit her LinkedIn profile.


Kiara Patterson

Kiara Patterson is expected to graduate in May 2021 from Cabrini University with a degree in Communication. Throughout her time at Cabrini University, she was involved in two clubs, one was the Step Team in her junior year and the Green Team in her senior year. She also spent time volunteering at Cradles to Crayons and participated in an event for Back On My Feet. She has received the following awards: Dean’s List in 2020; the President’s Education Awards Program for Outstanding Academic Achievement in 2012; the Student Diversity Initiatives Award for Achieving Academic Excellence in 2012; and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department award medal for a essay called D.A.R.E to Resist Drugs and Violence in 2010. On this website, Kiara focused on mental health and community resources in the criminal justice system. Kiara picked this topic because she wanted to know more about mental health and how important community resources can be. After graduation, Kiara hopes to apply her skills in writing to a career in public relations. To learn more about Kiara, visit her on LinkedIn

james pettus photo

James Pettus

James will graduate in May 2021 from Cabrini University with a Digital Communications Degree. James came to Cabrini after spending 2 years at King’s College where he started out being undecided. James quickly found out that he had a passion for communications and took classes at King’s which helped open up his creativity. James Played soccer during his time at King’s and also at Cabrini after his transfer. During Jame’s time at Cabrini he was an assistant editor for the Loquitur, which is the college's paper, for only half a semester and was named to the schools all academic conference list in the Fall of 2019. A strong passion and great help from professors in the Communication department has helped James craft his skills in audio and visual editing along with writing. On this website, James focused on the abuse that women and members of the LGBTQ community face in prisons all over the United States. 


MatthewSantangelo_Headshot (1)

Matt Santangelo

Matthew Santangelo will be graduating from Cabrini University in May 2021 with a major in Digital Communication and Social Media and with a minor in Theatre. At Cabrini, Matthew has held various leadership positions in extracurricular activities. He has been involved with Cabrini Theatre throughout his entire time there, holding lead roles in numerous productions. He is also a founding member of Cabrini’s acapella group, the Chromatix. Matthew has been a radio DJ on Cabrini’s FCC-licensed radio station, WYBF Cavalier Radio for over three semesters. He has also been a Macguire Scholar since his freshman year. Matthew has maintained academic excellence throughout his time at Cabrini, having received the President’s Award almost every semester (GPA 3.9 or higher). In his Sophomore year, he was awarded the Class Plate, for having the highest GPA with the most amount of credits in his entire class. Matthew has worked with an independent film company, That’s Fantastic Films for over 6 years, having had both production and acting roles in the countless films produced there. Through consistent effort and a desire to learn, Matthew has cultivated skills in writing, video and audio editing, public speaking, and performance. On this website, Matthew focused on the school to prison pipeline. He felt drawn to this particular issue because he feels a particular empathy for juveniles who have been faulted by broken school systems. Matthew is passionate about film, radio, and theatre and he hopes to be able to continue his work in one or multiple of these fields after he graduates. He can be contacted via LinkedIn and his work can be found on his WordPress website


Miranda Smith

Miranda Smith will be graduating from Cabrini University in May 2021 with a double major in Graphic Design and Communications. At Cabrini Miranda has been involved with the student newspaper the Loquitur as the Layout and Design Editor with the 2020-2021 Editorial Staff. Miranda also worked with the 2020-2021 Men’s and Women’s Cabrini Swim Team to create graphics for their social media accounts. She coordinated and directed a photoshoot with all 36 swimmers taking over 4,000 pictures then going on to edit all of them before creating graphics for every swimmer. Outside of Cabrini Miranda owns and runs her own small online business creating custom crafts and gifts, growing her business to over 1,000 sales in about three months. In 2019, Miranda was awarded the Red Cross Hero’s Award and special recognition after successfully resuscitating a swimmer who had slipped under the water at a practice while she was coaching. On this website, Miranda served as the Art Director where she used the skills learned from her graphic design courses to create a logo and a cohesive style guide for the website to create a sense of unity throughout the website and media pieces. Miranda also had a hand in creating wireframes and picking out a theme. To learn more about Miranda, visit her LinkedIn profile. To view her portfolio visit her Behance profile. To shop her small business visit her Etsy shop.


Gabby Thompson

Gabrielle Thompson is a senior Digital Communication and Social Media major with a minor in Business Management. She expects to graduate with her bachelor’s degree from Cabrini University in May 2021. While at Cabrini, Gabrielle worked hard to earn Dean’s List honors multiple semesters while serving as a Resident Assistant for her last two years and working multiple jobs on campus. Those jobs included working at the Dixon Center Gym, as well as a desk attendant for the Communication Department’s Equipment Room. For this website, Gabrielle reported on the topic of personal wealth in the criminal justice system. She became interested in telling this story after witnessing so many of her friends and loved ones fall victim to the system’s unjust policies and laws for people of a lower income bracket. She hopes her work will allow people to see the larger picture of what is actually happening in the system and inspire people to come together and find a solution. To learn more about Gabrielle, please visit her LinkedIn profile and see her WordPress portfolio for examples of her work.

Tom Trucksess Headshot

Tom Trucksess

My name is Tom Trucksess.  I am a senior communications major.  I also have a minor in Philosophy.  I attended Cabrini University, in Radnor Pennsylvania.  I have been recognized by the University’s Diversity Initiatives, for my outstanding work in academics.  I enjoy working with my hands in the field of communications.  This includes setting up both audio and video equipment.

For my senior capstone project, our focus was on criminal justice reform.  In this issue, my specific area was in economics.  I explored whether there are realistic alternatives to mass incarceration and how economics ties into this.  Economics affects all aspects of our lives.  As I learned through completing my capstone project, economic backgrounds play a part in the outcomes defendants receive in dealing with the criminal justice system.  After my anticipated graduation in May of 2021, I am looking forward to working in the field of communications.


Aislinn Walsh

 Aislinn Walsh was one of the Project Leaders for Rethink Criminal Justice.  She was a Digital Communications and Social Media major who graduated in May 2021. During her time at Cabrini, Aislinn was the Editor-In-Chief of The Loquitur and a social media intern at The Wolfington Center.  Outside of Cabrini, she’s held several internships in public relations, marketing communications, and video editing at several nonprofits and corporations. She received several academic accolades from Cabrini and outside organizations but she is most proud of her Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia award. Within the Rethink Criminal Justice site, Aislinn focused on the inequity between public vs. private prisons. She was drawn to this topic after learning about the companies that profit off of mass incarceration. After graduation, Aislinn intends to pursue a career in Public Relations. 

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